Thursday, February 26, 2015

Robert Louis Stevenson Wrap-up

Visiting Russell Island off of Vancouver Island last summer. A family of Hawaiians settled here in the 1870's, and their house is still there! Descendants of the original family volunteer their time to keep the house and run it as a informative centre for tourists.

Great memories! Can't wait for summer again:)

Dinner with a view!


Hello! Hope you have had a great week so far.

I ended up reading A Child's Garden of Verses this month! It was short but very sweet! I loved the short poems, all from a child's creative, innocent, yet limited point of view. You get a good sense of a child's play and simple fancies indoor and out. Some of the poems focused around bedtime, especially the injustice of going to bed when it was still light out, and dreaming once in the "land of nod". I think this is a good little selection of poems to have on the shelf to read to your kids (should you have them!) They publish illustrated copies which might be more interesting for kids to look at too!

I like this one:

Looking Forward

When I am grown to a man's estate
I shall be very proud and great,
And tell the other girls and boys
Not to meddle with my toys.

 What did you read this month???


  1. I just finished Treasure Island, taking time out along the way to read Alexander McCall Smith's "Bertie's Guide to Life and Mothers". Both were good books. Bertie sure has trouble with his Mother, Irene, and Jim Hawkins in Treasure Island had a lot of trouble with Long John Silver, too. I think my favorite part of Treasure Island was the sentence..."I placed my palms against the mainmast, which was of a goodish bigness, and waited, every nerve upon the stretch". I love the term 'goodish bigness' as it is very ambiguous and unclear, like RLS hated to pin down exactly how big the mainmast reminds me of myself, I can be quite indecisive in my speaking and writing sometimes, too, being cautious about actually saying/writing something for certain in case I'm wrong!!

    1. I sure enjoyed the daily episode of comic relief that the 44 Scotland Street series provided in the month of March too! Now back to the classics😀 hahaha goodish bigness. Very vague.

  2. I finished 'Hamlet' and won't say anything about it now except that I named my penguin that Dad/Roland got me in the Falkland Islands after one of the characters who had the good fortune of still being alive at the end of the book!!!