Friday, April 25, 2014

Song of the Day

Welcome to my new blog! I anticipate it will be much like my old one... but newer! My other blog will stay up, but likely will become unused space! (Just Cruisin Through). I will continue to write about things I like, things that make me think, memories, music, travel (stay tuned for Iceland!), and will continue to grace the internet with pictures of my day to day life:) More than anything, I just love having a little piece of the internet that is mine, all mine!! So I will try to combine my desire to make my mark on the internet with the journaling of interesting events and adventures, for you, the patient reader's benefit! 
I'm currently sitting in my new home come May 3rd, and so pictures of it will come soon! Both myself and Daniel and are almost moved out of our current places, and we love how cozy our new house already feels:) Thanks in a HUGE part to Diety for the couches! 

More later,
xo Shanna